Salihli is rich in places in terms of history, culture and nature. Sardis known as Hyde in the book of Illiada of Homer  is the capital of the Lidyan kingdom and famous for their invention of the money in the world. "Rich as Croesus!" statement refers that the owner of the lastking Croesus of LIDYA. Sardes lived in the age of golden in the periodof Lydia as a science, art and culture center and later it has remained under the authoroty of Persians, Alexander the Great, the SeleucidKingdom, the Kingdom of Pergamum, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottomanand Aydinsons. Today, it is an open air museum that can be visited intwo separate sections and only 7 Km west of our hotel.
There have been 114 tombs on this ide area belong to nobles lived in Lydia lived Kingdom. Also known as the father of history, Herodotusfrom Halicarnassus has compared these Tumulus tomb with Egyptianpyramid. The biggest example of this Tumulus tombs named as Anatolia Pyramid belongs to the King of Alyatte, father of King Croisos. Height is 69 m, diameter is 535 m and the base circumference is 1,115 m. Sizes of them have varied according to the owner's  authority and prestige.Especially it is an ideal and very different and  study area forphotographers.
The bridge installed on Gediz river and the point of ancient King Roadpasses, has been built between the Adala and Demirköprü Dam. The bridge is a work of Ottoman period and has not got any certain date even if it resembles the style of Architect Sinan with arched on 6porous columns and stone structure. You can relax and eat fresh troutnearby it.
Isands located in the town, the war of Independence in 1896 the construction and building constructed in 1896 and owned by MehmetAga during the years of Indipendence War, was used by Yakup Sevki Pasha the Commander of the Second Army as headquarters  on 7-8September, 1922.
On the afternoon of September 7, 1922, Mustafa Kemal, accompanied by Chief of General Staff Fevzi Cakmak and the Western FrontCommander Ismet Inonu came to this building from Salihli to Adala. He left this building 3 hours later after a meeting about plans for entering Izmir with Yakup Sevki Pasha.
Emre village located between Salihli and Kula is just 30 Km away fromour hotel.Turkish poet Yunus Emre of whom there are many tombs in many provinces of Turkey, lies in front of the mausoleum Tabduk Emre,teacher of him. For us, here is right place with a hatchet (a small ax)pattern on his tomb, in Tabduk Emre's village . As it is known, Yunusserved for his teacher for 40 years as the woodcutter. So stories told prove the accuracy of the address.  




It is possible to see the old Ottoman houses in different parts of our country. However, the Greek army while retreating from the battle ofIndependence burned all the western Anatolia. Kula is one of thedistricts in this rare survivor from the wild fires.In this region remaining in the old Kula, there are successful examples of Ottoman art with plans, organization, wood and plaster. 19. century.Old Kula houses with the 19. keep alive City. You will feel yourself in the tunnel of the past while you are walking around under the roofs and arastas from the period of Ahi. Our hotel is 45 Km away from Kula.