Weather Condition


Mediterranean climate prevails on Salihli. Temperature year-round has changed between +5 to 30 C. If facade systems become too effective in Salihli where you can feel all the beauty of four seasons, especially in the spring you can experience four seasons in one day.

The highest moisture has been measured in January and February, the lowest humidity has been measured in July and August. The average annual rainfall is around 500 mm. 48% of rainfall drops in winter, 27% ​​of which in spring, 8% of which in autumn and 7% of which in thesummer because mediterranean rainfall regime prevails on this region. However, there is no rainfall during the summer months, some alsocan not be seen to drop.

North slopes of Bozdag offer winter sports enthusiasts easy of reaching from city center to ski trails in 30 minutes during winter months, athousand tons of green in the spring with enthusiastic joy of colorful flowers and opportunity to enjoy by a cool breeze and to walk among the autumn leaves of plane trees in the summer heat .


Let's share this magnificent nature in Lidya Sardes Hotel. You will be fascinated with the magical views of pine forests and with the image of sky painted red at sunset. You will feel in safe and free in our hotel hosts thousands of swallows.