Lidya Sardes Hotel – Faustina Spa

Faustina Spa captures the soul and body in perfect harmony, a place where you will experience a sense ofpeace and renewal. With personalcare and our programs, you will feelpurification being away fromstress and worries . Faustina Spawill carry you to a different worldwith the concept of healing thermalwater, relaxing massage types, bodytreatments, rejuvenating skin care and treatments. During your stay, you can take advantage of the thermal pools, sauna, steam bath, snow fountain and fitness of Faustina Thermal & Spa.

Faustina Spa Services;

•  Facial Cares •  Pool and Baths
• Aroma Therapy Treatments • 2 Thermal pools
• Anti-Aging Treatments • Thermal Baths of Faustina
• Weight Loss Programs • 1 outdoor swimming pool and children's pool
• Skin Care •  2 Turkish Baths
• Body Care • Sauna
• Far Eastern massage • Steam Room
• Hand & Foot Treatments • Snow Fountain
• Moss Therapy • Massage Therapy Rooms
• Mud Therapy • Mud Baths
• Hydrotherapy  
• Medical Messages  
• Fitness Center