Thermal & SPA

The habit of bathing in hot water baths starting from the Romans, took placein our culture for centuries ad has been used as a bath. Over time, positiveeffects of thermal waters on human health is noticed and the regions of thermal waters have been more preferable.
Latin Spa (Salus Per Aqua) 'Salus: Health' and  'Aqua: Water' combination ofthese words is known as a health from water . Spa can be described asgaining health, fitness, aesthetics and beauty, with water and healing power of water and the water
Today's modern medical science has predicted that the thermal waters can be used to treat many diseases. Lidya Sardes Hotel Thermal & Spa has offered healing for it's guests by 2 pieces of thermal pools, baths, saunasand steam baths. It may be possible to get rid of your diseases with thermalwaters rich in minerals and with the support of specialist health staff  . Youare kindly invited to Salihli Lidya Sardes Thermal & Spa to clean the "stress" one of the greatest discomfort in daily life.